• Abdel Ibrahim

    Principal Architect, Telecom at Google Cloud

    "Thank you ng-voice for this demonstration to the industry how telco network functions can live in the cloud-native era.

    Great joint efforts by ng-voice and Google Cloud."

  • Geoff Hollingworth

    CMO, Rakuten Symphony

    "ng-voice is an important example of the nascent ecosystem we need to embrace as an industry. […] They recently demonstrated their fully automated deployment flow, minutes not weeks. I recommend you speak to ng-voice."

  • Gibson Ang

    VP of Technology and Product Management, Casa Systems

    "At Casa Systems, we build disruptive, innovative solutions that deliver new levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability required for next-generation networks.

    We’re excited to partner with ng-voice, a leader in IMS core technology [...] and introduce new revenue-generating opportunities to our customers."

  • Balakrishna D. R (Bali)

    Executive Vice President, Infosys

    "This collaboration is a blend of capabilities powered by Infosys Cobalt and our expertise in the domain and ng-voice’s geographical presence that fast-track adoption of cloud-native network solutions among telcos across Europe.

    The success of this engagement can be a real game-changer for both Infosys and ng-voice in the 5G era."

  • Maciej Kranz


    "Native voice for IoT devices is mission-critical today to ensure reliable connectivity in particular in emergency situations. ng-voice’s product portfolio and value proposition is just ideal for the traffic profile of IoT devices."

  • Yoram Zerahia

    CTO, Webbing

    "Adding native voice to our offering has become a crucial demand by our clients. With ng-voice we have found just the right partner for our IoT business: reliable, cost-effective, flexible with a high level of automation and can scale on demand."

  • James Body

    CEO, Telet Research

    "Adding native voice to our offering has become a crucial demand by our clients. With ng-voice we have found just the right partner for our IoT business: reliable, cost-effective, flexible."

Why ng-voice?

We offer cloud-native cutting-edge software that helps our customers remain cost-effective on their journey to VoLTE/VoNR.

  • The ng-voice IMS offers the full feature set required to run VoLTE/VoNR networks with the highest quality standards. ng-voice’s solution is fully 3GPP-compliant.
  • The 100% software technology is deployed at tier-1 operators as well as in small-scale private networks – the highest resilience and reliability in small as well as large deployments.
  • No hidden costs and low CAPEX – the ng-voice commercial model is fully transparent with free upgrades and updates and offers very low CAPEX while allowing you to fully migrate to VoLTE/VoNR.
  • Only truly cloud-native IMS solution on the market – fully microservice-based, containerized (with all container sizes less than 25 MB), and with full CI/CD flow.
  • Extensive network of technology partners (e.g., on additional functionalities such as ePDG, EPC partners, additional service partners) and implementation partners (e.g., Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini), allowing ng-voice to offer solutions beyond VoLTE/VoNR.
  • Highly flexible delivery partner catering to your individual network needs.
  • Extensive experience migrating users to VoLTE, enabling ng-voice to help M(V)NOs will the full range of challenges in their migration approach (e.g., provisioning of devices).

With no circuit-switched voice to fall back on, VoLTE services will be more than a ‘nice to have’. They will be required for voice roaming and essential to the commercialisation of 5G.

GSMA Intelligence, 2022

Start your VoLTE journey now and get prepared for the future with the ng-voice IMS solution:

  • 2G/3G networks are being decommissioned around the world. As an MVNO, this means you are at risk of losing voice services soon. As an MNO, this might lead to your customers abroad no longer being able to make calls since they are not VoLTE-enabled.
  • The quality of voice with VoLTE/VoNR is significantly higher as voice over IMS support QoS management (unlike OTT applications), leading to much lower call drops, higher MOS scores, and faster call setup times.
  • The provisioning of devices for VoLTE/VoNR has become significantly less complex than it used to be, meaning even as small to medium-sized M(V)NO, you can easily enable VoLTE/VoNR for your customers.
  • Deploying an IMS supports your ambitious 5G deployment plans. As specified in the 3GPP standard, circuit-switched fallback of 5G to 2G/3G is not supported, so voice services can only fall back to the LTE network – meaning you might risk your voice services as you roll out 5G.
ng-voice cloud-native ims best volte solution for customers

ng-voice’s IMS recognized as the Best VoLTE Solution

Our IMS has been awarded the Best VoLTE Solution Recognition Award within the 6th annual Carrier Community-Global Awards (CCGA), which recognizes innovations and achievements among telecom wholesale operators and ecosystem partners around the globe. The awards competitors were judged by a panel of telecom analysts and experts from the industry.

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