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ng-voice. A story of VoIP specialists, open-source pioneers, innovation and operational excellence.

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ng-voice was founded in 2011 by a small team of leading open-source, VoIP pioneers and passionate coders to develop innovative software solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, containerized from scratch. ng-voice’s founder and CTO, Carsten Bock, is one of the VoIP industry veterans. He believed in VoLTE becoming the new mobile voice standard when it was still a niche technology.

Since then, the telecom business has completely changed. Driven by exploding data usage and emerging technologies, the demand for flexible software-based network infrastructure has increased. In 2019, David Bachmann, a former Associate Partner at McKinsey, joined ng-voice both as CEO and shareholder to drive ng-voice’s commercialization and growth strategy, and long-term investors came on board. To increase supplier diversification and foster innovation in the European 4G/5G ecosystem, ng-voice also founded EANGTI, the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Innovators.

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ng-voice has focused on turning our IMS core into the most cloud-native IMS solution in the market, being fully containerized and deployed with Kubernetes. We have also developed and launched several 100% cloud-native virtual network functions in addition to the IMS core, such as our application servers and ePDG. Basit is leading ng-voice’s cloud-native transformation, delivering a very unique value proposition for our solutions, with the smallest container sizes, a high level of automation, and efficient use of resources.

In addition, ng-voice has invested in new technologies, cutting-edge companies and partnerships, and has recruited an A-team of experts coming from the most relevant telecom players and also from the research field, such as Johanna, that joined the company bringing her experience in 5G Core research.

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ng-voice is committed to the quality of its products and services, heavily investing in testing so that our solutions are also the most reliable. Vividha joined ng-voice in 2020 and was responsible for setting up and lead our team of test engineers, automating our testing processes.

Our solution is very flexible and fits the needs of MNOs, MVNOs, and enterprises of any size. To guarantee complete satisfaction with our solution, it is important to have a delivery team that understands our products as well as our different customer’s needs. Stefan joined ng-voice in 2017, has been responsible for marketing and product development, and now uses his extensive experience to lead our deployment team.

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Combining great technical expertise with business vision is what makes ng-voice a unique player in the telecom landscape, allowing us to consistently deliver innovation to transform the telecom business and achieve higher goals. We are excited about what we are building at ng-voice and to share it with you!

Our all-star team combines years of operational experience at operators of different sizes, including:

Meet our leadership team

David Bachmann



David is a lawyer by training and a former Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company. He joined ng-voice in 2019 as CEO with a focus on ng-voice’s commercialization and growth strategy. He is also the Founder and Co-President of the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Innovators (EANGTI).

Carsten bock | about us

Carsten Bock

Founder and CTO


With 20+ years of experience in VoIP and IMS, Carsten led the development and implementation of the first IMS/ VoLTE platform at Telefonica in Germany and was a senior member of the Kamailio management team, developing the IMS extensions in Kamailio. He founded ng-voice in 2011 because he wanted to develop a flexible alternative to existing IMS solutions in the market.

Quirin Maderspacher


As ng-voice’s Chief Operating Officer, Quirin is responsible for Finance, Legal, People, Deployment, and Business Operations functions. He oversees all operations and administrative processes in our company, implementing improvements and driving strategic initiatives. Joining us from McKinsey & Company, in his previous role, Quirin served as a senior engagement manager, taking on digital topics (digital identity and hyperscaler portfolios) at the intersection of the private and public sectors. 

Abdul Basit Alvi

Chief Technologist Cloud and Virtualization

With vast experience in virtualizing the mobile core of tier-1 operators and developing cloud-native solutions, Basit has implemented Pakistan’s first fully virtualized IMS to launch VoLTE functionalities at Telenor. Now at ng-voice, he is leading our cloud initiatives, ensuring ng-voice continues to be the most cloud-native IMS core in the market.

Vividha Singh

VP of QA, Security, and Customer Experience

With years of experience in the telecommunication domain working for companies such as Ribbon Communications, Vividha is responsible for our quality assurance, security, and user experience, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of our core components.

Qawa Darabi

VP, Sales Worldwide

With 20+ years of sales, partnerships, and technical experience within the telco industry, Qawa joins ng-voice to lead our growth and customer success strategy as Vice President – Sales Worldwide. Amongst others and in his previous roles, Qawa established Ericsson’s Cloud and NFV business and Nokia’s Cloud, NFV and Data Center services sales in APAC. He joins ng-voice from Windriver, where he served as head of telco sales for strategic global accounts.

Behnam Hooshiarkashani

VP of Engineering

With his 11+ years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge in DevOps, Kubernetes, Helm Charts, and Ansible, Behnam leads the Cloud Native Team at ng-voice, making sure our entire solution runs on the cloud as well as improving our software’s life cycle through our CI/CD pipeline.

Elisa Herrmann

People & Organization Lead

Joining us from the U.S., where she served as Director of Compliance at American University, she was in charge of ensuring that these talented athletes have a well-rounded experience to achieve athletic and academic excellence. Now, she uses her unique teamwork & community-focused approach to turn ng-voice into a “hybrid remote” company while keeping an environment of trust and free thought exchange.

Stefan Frank

Head of Deployment

After working for a Canadian technology startup in Client Development and customer Success Management, Stefan joined ng-voice in 2017 as a Software Engineer. He is using his unique combination of commercial and technical skills to lead our deployment team, prioritizing our customer’s needs to guarantee full satisfaction with our integration process.

Pieter Knikkink

Deployment & Delivery Lead

With his 20+ years of international experience in the Telecom Industry, leading  business development at a Tier 1 vendor, he joined ng-voice and makes sure that we deliver our solutions to our customers with excellence during the continuous growth of ng-voice.


Andrii Pogrebennyk

Lead Software Architect

With 15+ years of experience working in the telco industry in Development, Quality Assurance, and Operation roles and extensive experience in Kamailio and OpenSIPS, Andrii leads the software development team in implementing and optimizing our IMS deployments in VoLTE networks.


Johanna Lämmel

Software Development Lead

After being part of the team developing a 5G Core for a live R&D testbed at the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute, she brought her expertise in EPC and 5G to ng-voice and is now getting our fully cloud-native IMS Core 5G-ready.

Mohan Marimuthu ng-voice

Mohan Prasath Marimuthu

Quality Assurance Lead

With 11+ years of experience in QA positions and extensive knowledge in VoIP, SIP, IMS, and programming languages, he leads the Quality Assurance team guaranteeing the stability and reliability of our solution.

margareta cucli-iane-ng-voice

Margareta Cucli-lane

Talent Acquisition Lead

Having more than 6 years in recruitment and talent acquisition with a focus on full-cycle recruiting, employer branding, sourcing, training creation, and people support, she leads the Talent Acquisition team, ensuring we are bringing and growing the best talents.

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