ng-voice and Casa Systems partner to deliver truly cloud-native network infrastructure solutions to service providers and enterprises | September 2022

22 September 2022 – ng-voice, leading provider of fully containerized and cloud-native solutions for the telecom market, announced today a partnership with Casa Systems, a leader in physical and cloud-native infrastructure technology solutions. The partnership will deliver fully cloud-native solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and enterprise customers worldwide.


ng-voice’s fully containerized, Kubernetes-based IMS core combined with Casa’s 4G/5G multi-access core solution will simplify deployment and management of public and private networks reducing time-to-market and resource requirements.  


ng-voice developed the industry’s first truly cloud-native IMS – the critical component to deploy VoLTE and VoNR.  Its key benefits include being infrastructure-agnostic, with highly automated deployment and operation processes, flexibility and reliability to scale (up and down), standard compliance to 3GPP, and a minimal resource footprint. 


“At Casa Systems, we build disruptive, innovative solutions that deliver new levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability required for next-generation networks,’ said Gibson Ang, Vice President of Technology and Product Management, Casa Systems. “We’re excited to partner with ng-voice, a leader in IMS core technology, to expand our portfolio of end-to-end cloud-native network solutions and introduce new revenue-generating opportunities to our customers.” 

Our partnership with Casa Systems

“Our partnership with Casa Systems provides a unique pre-integrated and certified alternative for service providers and enterprises seeking true cloud-native, microservices-based solutions,” said David Bachmann, CEO, ng-voice. “Our joint end-to-end fully containerized and cloud-native network solution can equal a smaller resource footprint, reduced cost, and greater value for our customers, unlocking true future-proof competitive advantages. We’re delighted to partner with a company that has the same mission to provide a disruptive solution to the market.”


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Announcement ng-voice and CASA Systems

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