Employee Spotlight | Behnam Hooshiarkashani, VP of Cloud Services

We at ng-voice are excited to launch our second Employee Spotlight blog. In this series we interview some of our top talents, sharing their experience and insights working at ng-voice. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, your career before you joined ng-voice, and what is your role at ng-voice now


Before joining ng-voice, I was a DevOps engineer working mostly with Voice over IP (VoIP). I’ve worked with this technology for over 8 years and it’s been more than 3 years now since I joined ng-voice. My journey began as a DevOps engineer then moved on to become DevOps/Cloud team lead and that’s where I started to build this amazing team around me. Now, I’m VP of Cloud Services and my main responsibilities are defining a cloud-native roadmap and being aligned with ng-voice’s product roadmap, along with leading the development of new features and working with partners such as AWS, GKE, Azure, etc. 


Why did you join ng-voice?


The Telecom industry was interesting for me as I was already working as a VoIP engineer.  Secondly, back then, it was a start-up, which allowed me to build something from scratch and see how the company developed and got bigger. It was also very fascinating to see how we can have a 100% containerized and fully cloud-native IMS in the market for the first time, bringing this DevOps mindset to the telecommunication industry. 


What’s the unique part of working here?


For me, it’s actually both the product and the people working here. I believe that our product is very unique in this industry and the reason is that it’s a completely cloud-native product. On the other hand, I like ng-voice’s culture, people, open-feedback mindset, and how we are all growing together. At ng-voice, we are not only thinking of ourselves but thinking of everyone, and how we can support each other while trying to reach one goal together. Also, I love the fact that we care about each and how ng-voice allows each person to grow through a career development roadmap like a two-way relationship.  


What have been your most significant accomplishments at ng-voice?


For me, it’s two things. First, technically, it was onboarding components on Kubernetes and the public cloud, which was not an easy task because telecommunication requirements are very different from normal requirements. We were able to onboard all the components on Kubernetes with the latest technology and use the public cloud for deployment. Also, for me personally, building a team from scratch was honestly one of the biggest achievements in my career. We started with a few people and looking at it now, we have people writing the processes, managing and building it to see how it’s working efficiently along with incorporating methodologies like scrum to ng-voice, and now I see many teams are using this method.  


Any final words?


Final words could be something we use in our team. We have a saying that goes “we work hard together, we are growing together and we will party harder together”. I believe that you cannot have excuses and success at the same time, so you have to choose one.

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