Employee Spotlight | Vividha Singh, VP of Quality Assurance and Security

We at ng-voice are excited to bring to you our first blog for Employee Spotlight. In this series we interview our top talents, sharing with you their experience and insights working at ng-voice. 


For our first #EmployeeSpotlight blog post, we had the opportunity to speak to our VP of Quality Assurance and Security, Vividha Singh, who showed us her amazing journey in the telecom industry and how she went from being a technical member of the team to Vice-President at ng-voice. Vividha also touched upon her role, achievements, and how she built a talented team on two different continents.

Vividha Singh at ng-voice | Employee Spotlight

Tell us a bit about yourself, your career before you joined ng-voice, and what is your role at ng-voice now


I am Vividha Singh and I’m responsible for ng-voice’s testing infrastructure, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of our core components. I have been working in the telecom industry for most of my career. I studied Electronics and Telecommunication for my bachelor’s and telecommunications has always been part of my journey. For about 6-7 years I worked as a technical leader in my previous company before joining ng-voice. One of my current roles is to build test solutions such as test set-ups as well as execute them. 


Why did you join ng-voice?


After moving to Germany, I came to know about ng-voice, a start-up with a lot of exciting work and I saw this as an opportunity to build myself in terms of my leadership qualities and get to see end-to-end product development which you can’t find in larger organizations.


What’s the unique part of working here?


At ng-voice, you are not limited to one part of the product and you can see how it developed from scratch, delivered to the client, how it’s in use, and see it in the real world. The visibility of your contribution is really exciting to see and that’s what is unique about working at ng-voice. 


What have been your most significant accomplishments at ng-voice?


When I joined ng-voice, I was the second member of the testing team. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work on building a team and hire talented people to get the quality of the product to the next level. I got the chance to build and manage teams in two different geographic locations, a team in Germany and a team in India which I consider to be my biggest achievement. 


What advice do you give prospective candidates and people starting their career at ng-voice?


If you are passionate about learning and working with the latest technology, software, and latest open source technologies then ng-voice is the right place for you. It is also important that you are self-motivated to learn about innovation, and cloud-nativity as we always aim to pioneer new technological areas and this is always exciting to me. 


Any final words?


The journey has been very exciting to me as I’ve seen a lot of growth not only from my personal experience but also from how the company has grown. It’s very heartwarming to see how you and the company have evolved together. 

Vividha’s journey at ng-voice has been an extraordinary one, a journey of challenges, growth and personal achievements. With ng-voice, you can start writing your path by joining our talented team. Take a look at our careers page and find a role that is suitable for you.

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