Getting started at ng-voice: how we make sure our new employees are set up for success from the start

Going from one employer to another can be a quite stressful experience for the employee. If the new role also involves relocation to a new country or even continent, another layer of complexity is added. When a new colleague joins ng-voice, it is crucial to give them time and support to get acquainted with their new role, the company’s culture, and overall new environment.


During our onboarding process, apart from setting the employees up with the tools and information needed to perform in the new role, we encourage them to understand ng-voice’s mission and engage with new colleagues, making them feel part of the team. We also understand that relocating to a new country can be challenging. This is why we have additional benefits to help and ease the transition for the international new hires and their family members. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss what we do to make the onboarding experience smoother, and also explain more about our relocation support for international employees.

ng-voice’s onboarding process

During the Pre-Onboarding phase, we make sure everything is set and ready for the new hire to join. At this stage, we offer support for the employee in different ways, such as relocation assistance, immigration aid as well as setting up a new workstation (onsite or remotely). We also plan and select your onboarding buddy, a colleague who will guide the new hire about day-to-day processes, introduce them to the rest of the team and answer questions as they arise and just teach them the ropes. As the onboarding phase starts, a welcome session is conducted by our People Team, followed by a company and “how we work” presentation from our CEO and CoS as well as having a welcome lunch with the team members.


During this phase, we also introduce our new team members to the company’s work tools and ensure they have everything they need to do their job efficiently. Once they are settled in our work environment, we like to follow up with a feedback system during post-onboarding, until the end of the probation period. Feedback and communication during the post-onboarding phase are key to understanding and evaluating how well the new employees have settled in, implementing new actions when necessary, and further improving our onboarding process.

Relocation support for our international employees

We strive to provide our employees as well as their loved ones with a smooth and top-notch experience, focusing on their physical as well as their emotional wellbeing. Preparing to relocate a newly joined employee requires a great deal of communication, addressing their concerns and needs. Our relocation package for international employees is designed to help ease the moving process and get our new talent started in their role as quickly as possible. We provide assistance and support for our international talents such as:


    • Immigration Assistance – professional assistance for the employee’s visa/ residency permit application process.
    • Housing support – short-term accommodation already set upon arrival 
    • Spouse and children assistance – assistance with the visa/ residency permit process for family members in Germany as well as other settling-in processes such as applying for child benefits or change of tax class.


We had a quick chat with Sameer Naher (Software developer) who was relocated to Germany from India about his experience with ng-voice’s support. Sameer stated “ng-voice made me, my wife, and Kimchi (our cat) feel at home right from the go. With a prompt and dedicated relocation advisor, the worries with visas and all the associated paperwork were a breeze! Having an apartment on arrival in a foreign land put me so much at ease too! And having a buddy for you during the starting months helps onboarding in a very well guided and organized manner – there is always help at hand!” 


Employee onboarding and transition, if done correctly, can contribute to the long-term stability and productivity of our organization. We at ng-voice believe it is a fundamental component for our employees’ happiness, and therefore for the success of our company. 


Do you identify with our work culture? Are you ready to apply and showcase your talent? Then check out our career page for more information and open positions. We are looking forward to getting to know you.


ng-voice is an equal opportunity employer. We believe demographic characteristics and diverse experiences that have nurtured unique viewpoints benefit our growth and performance and value each person and their different background as a whole.

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Alexandra Lehr

People Services & Global Mobility Specialist

Publisher Bio

With over 10 years of experience in global mobility with a focus on immigration and relocation support for IT companies and international corporations. At ng-voice, Alexandra uses her expertise to interact with many different cultures and drive high-quality services for relocation and onboarding with a customer-focused mentality

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