At ng-voice, we come from many different backgrounds and have various experts on our international team. Sharing knowledge helps us improve our skills and become stronger professionals, while also connecting with our colleagues and getting to know more about their experiences.


Every month, one of our colleagues voluntarily shares their expertise with the team in a Knowledge Sharing session.


Last month, our digital marketing specialist Kathrin Hissner hosted a virtual session on creativity and design principles and how we can use our creative skills for problem resolution within our work and everyday lives. 


In this session, she explored what creativity means and how it impacts our mental processes through gamification, to make it easier to grasp complex topics. She also touched upon the rules of the game when it comes to design principles. It is important to understand these design principles as we use them every day, whether it’s on presentations, documentation, or even something more of outreach such as invitation templates. Even though these principles take time to master, keeping simple tips in mind can guide anyone and help them achieve better results in their tasks.


According to Kathrin, “I volunteered to bring my experience in creativity and design to my colleagues because I think this is a topic that can benefit anyone. It is always good to step out of your comfort zone and look at other ways to explore a problem and come up with solutions. I am also very happy to work at a company that fosters this kind of interaction and helps everyone to learn and grow. I hope my colleagues enjoyed the session as much as I enjoyed preparing it, and I am looking forward to the next session.”

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Knowledge sharing creativity session

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Margareta Cucli-lane

Talent Acquisition Lead

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Having more than 6 years in recruitment and talent acquisition with a focus on full-cycle recruiting, employer branding, sourcing, training creation and people support, she leads the Talent Acquisition team ensuring we are bringing and growing the best talent.

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