Mariela shares her 1st month experience at ng-voice

I am Mariela Rivero, originally from Bolivia and I’ve been living in Hamburg for about 4 years. I’m writing this article to share how the experience of my first month working at ng-voice GmbH has been like.

Who am I?

I’m a psychologist with training in ACT therapy, a basis in tech recruitment, and a passion for languages and technologies. I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Bolivia and finished vocational training in Office Management here in Hamburg. I consider myself to be a very empathetic, organized, and adaptable person. I also thrive in situations where a „problem-solving“ mentality is required.

Marielas experience at ng-voice

Why did I join ng-voice?

I stumbled upon ng-voice while looking for job opportunities in the IT field. Ng-voice immediately caught my attention for two reasons: it seemed a very innovative telecom company: the implementation of a cloud-native IMS was a totally new concept to me. Not only that – but also its values aligned perfectly with mine; an inclusive, multicultural startup with a hybrid work model and a happy work environment.

My experience at ng-voice so far

Right from my very first day, my colleagues received me with such enthusiasm; it really made me feel appreciated and comfortable. We had a welcome lunch to get to know each other and my onboarding buddy gave me a tour of the office. During my first onboarding week, I have been given a rounded and comprehensive picture of the history, team structure of the company and the IMS solution we offer. 

After meeting all of my colleagues, I got to confirm my previous perception about ng-voice; its organizational values of ownership, trust, and teamwork, provide an ambiance of content on a daily basis.  Because I’m managing every administrative process in both Hamburg and Berlin (something that I find awesome, thus I get to be around people all the time), you’ll certainly always see me around the office. To sum up, my first month has been an incredible experience and I’m looking forward to many more to come.

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Mariela Rivero

Office Manager

Publisher Bio

Mariela Rivero is the office manager of ng-voice, she’s a psychologist with training in ACT therapy, a basis in tech recruitment, and a passion for languages and technologies.

Her empathy, organization, and adaptability make her thrive. You will always see her around in our Hamburg or Berlin’s offices.

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