My first month at ng-voice: Tia shares her experiences joining our Global Sales team

I am Tia Wang, originally from China, and have lived in Sweden for almost 4 years. I started working at ng-voice on the 1st of February 2022 as the Global Sales Operations & Business Development Manager. I am writing this article to share my first month’s experience at ng-voice GmbH.

Who am I?

I came to Sweden in 2018, where I spent the first year as a gap year and graduated from the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University in August 2021. Since then, I have been looking around for job opportunities in the communication area. I have explored the business culture in Sweden by working as Nordic Community Manager at an NGO for 1 year, my personal Daigou business project for 1.5 years as 2C sales, and a marketing intern in a local Swedish e-commerce company for 3 months.  So it has been clear to me that I would like to work around marketing and sales based on my interest and experience.

Why did I join ng-voice?

What I would like to pinpoint in how I joined ng-voice is the result of mutual matching. By mutual matching, I mean surprisingly, my role involves both marketing and sales operations. Based on this, I have a great passion for my work and thus, could bring more value to the team. In addition, the telecommunication field is a new and challenging whilst interesting area worthy of exploring. I have seen my teammates with dozens of years of experience as software engineers or sales in B2B, the great potential to be learned from them and to grow in myself, and the connection between my sales marketing in 2C and 2B fields as well as the vast development in my career path starting with my current role.

The First Month (My experience at ng-voice so far)

In the first month, I have spent 11 days in the headquarter office in Germany for the onboarding and half a month in Stockholm when I relocated from southern Sweden, and I had the chance to meet all teams both virtually in our town hall meetings and physically in Hamburg and Berlin offices. I have seen this scale-up startup is joined by more and more organic active people who share such values.  Luckily, I seem to have joined at the right time because the company was having a fitness challenge, a voluntary monthly challenge that is really fun and teammates from different functions could get together to exercise.


While I began the onboarding, I could immerse myself into the ng-voice organizational cultural values such as ownership, trustworthiness, and many more by having individual meetings with teammates. My onboarding buddy had come to Berlin to work together and introduced the company comprehensively. My team lead helped me to get familiar with the strategic blueprint of the company and let me know where I am standing in the journey. I have also had intro meetings from the CEO, COO for us new joiners, and 1-1 meetings with the Financial team, People Team, Business Operations Team, and even got a brief from our engineer architect colleagues about the basic IMS core components functions. In this case, I have received a full picture of the history of ng-voice, the team structure, the product portfolio, the benefits to our customers of having a truly containerized and cloud-native IMS solution, and the market potential for VoLTE and VoNR. With such training and onboarding, I started an outreach campaign that had a great result for lead generation. In a nutshell, the first month has been such a blast. I feel happy and self-growth in such an active working environment.

My onboarding at ng-voice
Visiting Berlin Office
View across Hamburg office

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Tia Wang

Global Sales Operations & Business Development Manager

Publisher Bio

Tia comes to ng-voice with a background in digital marketing (Nordic-China Startup Forum) and E-commerce (Skosh AB, and Arla Foods). She joins our team to further optimize our sales processes and generate new business opportunities. 

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