My 1st month as a DevOps Engineer at ng-voice: Sara

Who am I?

My name is Sara Fattouh, and I am going to tell you my story of joining the ng-voice cloud-native team as a DevOps Engineer. I am an informatics engineer, I moved from Budapest, but I am originally from Syria.


After my graduation, I worked as an assistant teacher at the University of Aleppo, where I was responsible for preparing and teaching functional materials in software engineering. I worked in Syria for 2 years as a software engineer, then I was awarded a scholarship to pursue my studies in Budapest, Hungary. While I was a master’s student, I joined Nokia as a trainee, after that, I was offered a full-time position as a software engineer.

Why did I join ng-voice?

DevOps engineers have a diverse and unique soft skill set as well as technical skills which are closely linked to the knowledge of the DevOps toolset: coding, and scripting.


I joined ng-voice to embrace and adapt quickly to new responsibilities and I am eager to develop these skills to contribute to the mission of ng-voice: build a fully cloud-native IMS for the market.

Sara Fattouh DevOps Engineer

Getting settled in a new city

When I arrived I had a lot of tasks to complete during my first few days, but with the team’s assistance, I was able to obtain a bank account and ‘Anmeldung’ very fast, I started receiving the mail in bulk. It’s Germany, no wonder 😉


I also joined a badminton group to keep the same habit I started in Budapest, playing badminton weekly and making new friends from different backgrounds.  It’s not a secret that in large German cities, finding an apartment is hard for everyone, not only for foreigners. The housing market in Hamburg is quite competitive, but knowing where to look will make your search easier.  There are a lot of real estate websites where new advertisements are published very frequently. I hope that these websites can help me find a suitable apartment to rent shortly.

My experience as a DevOps Engineer at ng-voice so far

I had a great time traveling to Germany and joining ng-voice as the staff was accommodating, especially during the visa application process. I traveled from Budapest, spent a 10 days vacation in Berlin, and finally made it to Hamburg. 


On my first day, everyone was very welcoming and I liked every piece of my starter kit which was waiting for me on my desk. A nice onboarding specialist guided me through and helped me with the first steps to settling in the new city. What impressed me from the first day is the high organization, the accuracy, and good documentation of the tasks, not to forget the transparency among the employees. I’ve had a nice experience working at ng-voice in Hamburg overall. Everyone is easy to approach, friendly, and highly responsive. What I like the most about my teammates is how cooperative and eager to help they are.


As a new joiner to ng-voice, I am proud, happy, and eager for more!

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Sara Fattouh DevOps Engineer
Sara Fattouh

DevOps Engineer

Publisher Bio

Sara Fattouh is an informatics engineer who joined the ng-voice cloud-native team as a DevOps engineer. She was previously an assistant teacher at the University of Aleppo, and worked for Nokia as a trainee before joining the company full-time.

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