Strategic alignment, team building, and a lot of fun – ng-voice’s in-person retreat in Flensburg

Strategic alignment, team building, and a lot of fun - ng-voice’s in-person retreat in Flensburg

In our previous post, talked about how ng-voice saw the pandemic as an opportunity to embrace a hybrid remote work policy as part of our culture, and have been very successful in implementing it in the last 18 months. While we all appreciate the flexibility and freedom brought by this new work model, we at ng-voice feel that human contact can never be fully replaced by a screen. Therefore, we were all looking forward to the day when the pandemic restrictions would be lifted and we would be able to safely gather the team again in person for strategic alignment and team building. 


And this day finally came! ng-voice hosted its first in-person retreat after the pandemic in the city of Flensburg, on the German-Danish border. The city is known for its beautifully docked harbor and amazing seascapes, making it a perfect place for our colleagues to reconnect. Following the German “3G rule” (vaccinated, recovered, or tested – geimpft, genesen, getestet), we were able to create a safe and healthy environment for all.

ng-voice welcome banner
Our beautiful workshop space in the city of Flensburg

Improving communication across teams through activities and workshop

The first gathering of the team was the perfect opportunity for our CEO, David Bachmann, to share his vision for the company and align the team on the priorities for the next 6-12 months. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the teams’ achievements in the last quarter, sharing our objectives and key results.

Quirin Maderspacher, ng-voice
Quirin Maderspacher, our Chief of Staff, celebrates the teams’ achievements

As we have been growing fast in past years and with the team working remotely, keeping the communication flowing across different teams has become a must. To address these challenges, we had several group activities and a workshop with an external specialist to identify critical issues, brainstorm solutions and define priorities together. It was also an opportunity for ng-voice’s newcomers to be included and help shape our company’s culture moving forward.

ng-voice workshop
Workshop session on our way of working priorities

Bonding with our colleagues on a sailing trip in the Baltic sea

The Flensburg’s experience is not complete without a sailing trip across the Baltic sea, and that is exactly what we did. Our colleagues got the chance to explore the sea on a sailing boat, with beautiful views of Denmark and Germany on both sides. Some of our colleagues volunteered to help the captain with boat duties.

Carsten Bock, our CTO, founder, and on-duty sailor
Carsten Bock, our CTO, founder, and on-duty sailor

With this retreat, we got an opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level, share experiences, and build a stronger team together. According to Elisa Hermann, our People Lead “ it was important to connect and reconnect our entire team, which grew significantly during times of home office. The main objective of our retreat was team building and spending quality time with each other strengthening our bond”. Sameer Nahar, Senior Software Engineer, shared his experience at the retreat: “It was great to meet face-to-face, shake hands, interact and make friends. I feel refreshed and ready for upcoming challenges knowing that I am working together with a great team”. 

At ng-voice, we believe in bringing your whole being to work. Communicating, bonding, and discussing the future of our company together is critical to our success. We are looking forward to our next retreat to spend more quality time with one another as we continue to grow. And we are constantly looking for talented people to join us! Click here or visit our career page for job opportunities.

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Quirin Maderspacher

Chief of Staff

Publisher Bio

Joining us from McKinsey & Company where he served as a senior engagement manager, taking on digital topics (digital identity and hyperscaler portfolios) at the intersection of the private and public sectors. Quirin joined ng-voice as Chief of Staff to lead the establishment of standardized and lean processes across the company, drive strategic initiatives and help in the organizational structure.

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